PSU4PA: Bus testing program helps keep Pennsylvania commuters safe

October 31, 2011

Most people, at some point in their lives, will take a bus trip and many use buses for their daily commutes. They take for granted that they will arrive safely at their destination. Thanks in part to Penn State’s Bus Research and Testing Program, bus travel is indeed a safe and reliable method of transportation in Pennsylvania.

"Everybody who's in the transit business benefits by knowing when they buy a bus, that that bus is going to perform well, that it's going to be safe, and that it's going to … (last) for the full life expectancy," Hugh Mose, general manager of the Centre Area Transportation Authority (CATA) in State College, says. "From my perspective … Penn State provides great value through the bus testing program."

Here, Mose expounds on the benefits of the bus testing program offered through Penn State's Thomas D. Larson Pennsylvania Transportation Institute:

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Last Updated December 05, 2011