Students reminded to lock doors to prevent theft

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. – Crime statistics for State College and University Park campus are perennially low, but a recent series of thefts in residence halls reinforces the need for students to practice common-sense safety steps, including keeping their doors locked. The thefts were crimes of opportunity – perpetrators see unlocked doors and unoccupied rooms as an open invitation – that could have been avoided.

“There have been several reports of missing wallets and money stolen from unlocked residence hall rooms,” Tyrone Parham, director of University Police, said. “A number of thefts in Pinchot Hall were reported over the weekend, while residents were in their rooms sleeping. Students leaving their rooms for two minutes or two hours need to lock their doors to minimize the potential for theft of their personal belongings.”

For further prevention, students should not hold doors open for unescorted guests or keep entries propped open to residence hall buildings where I.D. cards are required for access to enter 24 hours a day. Guests should be accompanied by a resident at all times.

With the Thanksgiving break and winter break just around the corner, students, faculty and staff should secure materials in a safe, locked location or take home easily transported valuables. Semester and holiday breaks are a time when police see an increase in burglaries in buildings at University Park.

Students also should report suspicious or unusual behavior immediately to University Police by calling 863-1111.

Last Updated November 01, 2011