PSU4PA: Penn State provides testing to help ensure water safety

December 05, 2011

Safe drinking water is necessary for survival, as Pennsylvania residents discovered during recent flooding. For those who live in rural areas, it’s not always clear where to turn when disaster strikes — or simply to avoid disaster in the first place. Penn State can help, as residents of Allegheny Township in Westmoreland County discovered.

“Some people have lived here 30, 40 years and had never had their wells tested,” township resident Phyllis Framel said. That changed when Penn State Cooperative Extension provided residents with discounted well tests, analysis and consultation -- plus something much more important.

“Just the peace of mind in knowing that their well was good or bad (is) invaluable when you’re drinking the water,” Framel said.

Find out how Penn State goes the extra mile to educate and serve the public: /video/153791/2013/02/08/video-no-title

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Last Updated December 12, 2011