Frazier to chair special investigation committee

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -- The Board of Trustees today (Nov. 11) announced that Trustee Ken Frazier will serve as chair of the special investigation committee they announced on Nov. 8. Education Secretary and Trustee Ron Tomalis will serve as the vice chair.

The committee will undertake a full and complete investigation of the circumstances that gave rise to the grand jury report. The committee will be commissioned to determine what failures occurred, who is responsible and what measures are necessary to ensure that this never happens again.

"There will be full accountability for those found responsible," said Steve Garban, chair of the board. "All resources will be made available for the committee to fulfill its charge and there will be no restrictions placed on its scope or activities."

Garban said when the investigation is complete, a full report will be given to the board at one of its regular meetings.

"Trustee Frazier has agreed to chair this important committee in this endeavor," Garban said. "He's experienced, seasoned and will provide the leadership necessary to prevail."

Garban said Frazier and Tomalis will hold an organizational meeting this afternoon (Nov. 11). The complete committee membership will be determined and announced in the near future and is expected to be composed of a majority of Board of Trustee members with representatives from each of the board's constituencies as well as representatives of the Penn State community including faculty, students and alumni.

"As all of you are keenly aware, the University and this board have many challenges and issues that we will face over the coming days, months and perhaps years. I want to reiterate our support for President Erickson and the leadership team of the University as we move forward," Garban said. "Penn State has always strived for honesty, integrity and the highest moral standards in all of its programs. We are dedicated to protecting those who are placed in our care. Collectively, we promise that we are committed to restoring public trust in the University."

Frazier is president, chief executive officer and a member of the board of directors of Merck & Co. Inc. He was elected to the Board of Trustees as a business and industry trustee for a three-year term beginning July 1, 2009.

By virtue of his position as Secretary of Education, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Tomalis serves as an ex officio member of the Board of Trustees.

Last Updated November 16, 2011