Fall 2011 Design Showcase winners announced

December 12, 2011

A project designed to regulate fitness and one harnessing the power of people received the top awards at the fall 2011 College of Engineering Design Showcase on Dec. 8 at the HUB's Alumni Hall.

The Project Showcase challenges students to come up with innovative solutions to industry-posed problems. This semester's event featured 54 teams of students from aerospace engineering, agricultural and biological engineering, bioengineering, chemical engineering, computer science and engineering, electrical engineering, engineering design, engineering science and mechanics, energy engineering, industrial and manufacturing engineering, materials science and engineering and mechanical and nuclear engineering participating.

First-place Lockheed Martin Design Awards went to two projects: a fitness regulator project sponsored by 4Carrots with students Jorge Calderon, William Orosz, Matthew Quiggly and Aaron Walters; and a project harnessing human energy sponsored by Harris Corp. with students George Fouche, Jacob Huttel, Hector Lara, Tuan Ngo and Clifford Pang. Both efforts were advised by Timothy Wheeler, assistant professor of electrical engineering.

Two projects were awarded second place: a flush exterior door handle project sponsored by General Motors with students Kevin Johnsrud, William Kokemor, Andrew Ondo and Tony Trinh; and a CPV module project sponsored by Instasol Technology with students Ryan Purcell, John Zawadski and Xiaoran Fang. The GM project was advised by Matthew Parkinson, associate professor of engineering design. The Instasol Technology project was advised by Michael Erdman, instructor in engineering science and mechanics.

Third place went to two teams: a decentralized water recycling effort sponsored by Nascent Services with students Nicholas Dozzi, Paul Jakubicki, Matthew Prorok and Farhad Taimur; and a project on an automated parking management system sponsored by Harris Corp. with students Matthew Kurcina, Victor Ramos, Robert Soldner and Mazen Younes. The water recycling project was advised by Liz Kisenwether, assistant professor of engineering, and the parking system project was advised by Lee Coraor, associate professor of computer science and engineering.

First place for best poster went to a supply chain analysis project sponsored by the Vitamin Shoppe with students Peter Donovan, Lindsay Hamilton, Anthony Tufano, Dana Utembayeva and Collin Goodnuff. The project was advised by Deborah Medeiros, associate professor of industrial engineering.

Second place in the best-poster category went to a project on human factors testing and design improvement of the Angel Wings bike seat for A Lean Machine with students Teresa Creech, Ji Won Seo, Yair Wainberg Yecutieli and Jun Yong Yeoh. David Cannon, associate professor of industrial engineering, advised on the project.

Third place for best poster went to a die torque alternatives project sponsored by Kydex with students Garrett Henzler, Shawn Klingensmith, Ryan Mcginnis and Craig Wisbauer. Edward De Meter, professor of industrial engineering, was the project's adviser.

The BP People's Choice Award went to the EcoMarathon vehicle sponsored by Shell with students Purnik Amin, Thomas Devine and Garrett Grove. The team was advised by Leland Engel, instructor in mechanical engineering.

Second place in the People's Choice Award went to a biodigester for a small farm greenhouse project sponsored by Green Thumb Services with students Jonathan Amt, Jason Hegedus, Thomas Mccarthy, Amanda Peak, Andrew Wolos and Brian Kelly. The project was advised by Jeffrey Catchmark, associate professor of agricultural and biological engineering.

Harris Corp. was given the award for best sponsor based on students' rating of industry sponsors for its automated parking management system project.

Photos of the event are available at http://live.psu.edu/flickrset/72157628337006005.

  • Tom Devine, a member of the Shell Eco Marathon Car Team, explained the fuel efficiency designed into his group's engineering project at the 2011 Penn State Engineering Design Expo. The EcoMarathon vehicle sponsored by Shell took home the BP People's Choice Award. Members of the team were Purnik Amin, Devine and Garrett Grove.

    IMAGE: Patrick Mansell

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