Exhibit features Penn State authors

January 09, 2012

"Penned by Penn Staters: books by alumni authors," an exhibit from the Penn State University Archives, will be on display from Jan. 18 to June 10 in the Hintz Alumni Center on Penn State's University Park campus. This exhibit, which features 33 books authored by Penn State alumni, is a mere sampling of the creative endeavors fostered by former Penn State students. Among the authors and titles featured in this exhibit are:

-- Joan Chittister (Class of 1971 doctorate) "The Gift of Years"
-- Sandra Spanier (Class of 1976 master's degree, 1981 doctorate) "The Letters of Ernest Hemingway, 1907-1922"
-- David Morrell (Class of 1967 master's degree, 1970 doctorate) "The Shimmer"
-- Valerie Plame Wilson (Class 0f 1985) "Fair Game"
-- Robert McKinnon (Class of 1990) "Actions Speak Loudest: Keeping Our Promise for a Better World"
-- Charles Jacques (Class 0f 1962) "Cincinnati’s Coney Island"
-- Chip Kidd (Class of 1986) "The Cheese Monkeys"
-- Charles Blockson (Class of 1956) "The Underground Railroad"
-- Steve McCurry (Class of 1974) "The Unguarded Moment"
-- Cecilia Tichi (Class of 1964) "Civic Passions"
-- Rosey Grier (Class of 1956) "The Gentle Giant"
-- Erin Bried (Class of 1996) "How to Build a Fire"
-- Rae Hallstrom (Class of 1976) "Places of the Underground Railroad"
-- Jennifer Storm (Class of 2002) "Growing Up and Drying Out in America"
-- Ronald L. Mallett (Class of 1973, doctorate) "Time Traveler"
-- Jon Nese (Class of 1983 bachelor's degree, 1985 master's degree, 1989 doctorate) and Glenn Schwartz (Class of 1972) "The Philadelphia Area Weather Book"
-- Michael Weinreb (Class of 1994) "Bigger Than the Game"
-- Manfred Kroger (Class of 1963 master's degree, 1966 doctorate) "Trends in Food Science: History at Penn State"
-- Stuart Patton (Class of 1943) "Milk"
-- Mindi Kirchner (Class of 2002) "Song of the Rest of Us"
-- Greg Taylor (Class of 1973) "Killer Pizza"
-- Tammy Miller (Class of 1993 B.A., 1995 master's degree) "My Life is Just Speech Material…And, So is Yours"
-- Stanley Weintraub (Class of 1954 doctorate) "Charlotte and Lionel: A Rothschild Love Story"
-- Louis Astorino (Class of 1969) "Fallingwater"
-- Richard C. J. Somerville (Class of 1961) "The Forgiving Air"
-- Syed Mohammed Farouq Ali (Class of 1962 master's degree, 1964 doctorate) "Petroleum Reservoir Simulation"
-- Charles Fergus (Class of 1973) "The Wingless Crow"
-- Paul Levine (Class of 1969) "Lassiter"
-- Jean Craighead George (Class of 1941) "Goose and Duck"
-- Dale Brown (Class of 1978) "A Time for Patriots"
-- Diane Ackerman (Class of 1970) "One Hundred Names for Love"
-- Vance Packard (Class of 1936) "Hidden Persuaders"

For more information, contact Penn State University Archivist Jackie Esposito at 814-863-3791 or jxe2@psu.edu.


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