PSU4PA: Penn State helps Pennsylvania farmers move forward

January 16, 2012

“Economically, farming has always been difficult, and we need to be moving forward if we’re going to stay here and keep doing the work that we love,” says Brad Hollabaugh, business manager of the family-owned Hollabaugh Brothers, Inc. Fruit Farm & Market in Biglerville, Pa. Penn State helps Pennsylvania farmers do just that, with research and advice from many different areas.

Hollabaugh is one of many family members who run the farm and market, which has been operating for more than fifty-five years. He credits Penn State with providing information on everything from “insects and disease issues” to better growing practices, which has helped his family — and countless other farmers — stay in the business they love.

“I can’t put a price on (it), but what I do know is that it has made our operation better and stronger and has allowed us to thrive when it would have been difficult to do so in the past,” Hollabaugh says.

Learn how Penn State research and consulting help local farmers improve every aspect of their businesses: /video/152561/2013/02/08/video-no-title

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