Video: Did They Get It Right? Expert weighs accuracy of 'Red Tails'

March 23, 2012

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -- "Did They Get It Right?" is a video series that looks at television and movies to see if a portion or all of the content is historically and/or technically accurate. DTGIR also looks at issues in movies and television as they relate to social climates and current events.

In the first edition of "Did They Get It Right?" (DTGIR), postdoctoral research fellow Crystal Sanders of the Penn State Africana Research Center examines the film "Red Tails," a 2012 Lucasfilm offering. "Red Tails" is drama, based on true events, that details the struggles and triumphs of the Tuskegee Airmen, the first black aviators to fly in the U.S. Air Corps.

Watch Sanders' verdict on the historical accuracy of "Red Tails" at /video/150543/2013/02/08/video-no-title.

  • Did 'Red Tails' get it right? Click on the image above to watch Africana Research Center postdoctoral research fellow Crystal Sanders' assessment of the film's historical accuracy.

    IMAGE: Penn State

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