Wilson named winner of national research award in rehabilitation

Keith B. Wilson, professor of rehabilitation and human services, was named winner of the Rehabilitation Researcher of the Year Award by the National Counsel on Rehabilitation Education (NCRE). The award will be presented at the NCRE’s national conference on April 13. This award recognizes recent research in the field of rehabilitation education.

Wilson was recognized for his research contributions and impact on the field of rehabilitation education and the human services. A recent look (November 2011) at the most frequently cited article rankings shows that his articles have consistently appeared in the most cited rankings as indicated by HighWire hosted journals, at times at No. 1. In the month of November 2011, three of his articles appeared in the most cited, at numbers three, 32, and 33. Wilson’s 2000 article, "Predicting Vocational Rehabilitation Acceptance Based on Race, Education, Work Status, and Source of Support at Application," which appeared in Rehabilitation Counseling Bulletin (vol. 43, no. 20) was ranked No. 3 in this citation index.

This and other top-ranked articles are empirical pieces that used sophisticated sampling and statistical procedures to address complex research questions in the rehabilitation field.

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Last Updated January 09, 2015