Larson to receive Award for Administrative Excellence

April 12, 2012

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -– Daniel Larson, Verne Willaman Dean of the Eberly College of Science, has been honored with the 2012 Award for Administrative Excellence.

The award, established in 1970, is given to a faculty or staff member whose performance, methods and achievements exemplify the highest standards of administrative excellence.

Dean since 1998, Larson is cited for leading the Eberly College of Science as many of its graduate programs advanced in National Research Council rankings. From 1995 to 2010, Penn State’s astronomy graduate program moved to No. 4 nationally (up from 21), biochemistry to 29 (45), biology 15 (54), chemistry 12 (18), mathematics 7 (37), physics 13 (55) and statistics, 9 (19).

One nominator attributed this success to Larson’s “extraordinary ability to judge and attract top talent, and his resilience when facing setbacks.” Another nominator said, “Dan has consistently encouraged an aggressive approach to recruiting faculty of the highest caliber.”

Larson was also lauded for “significantly increasing the quality of instruction in the college as well as addressing the University’s stated high priority of increasing diversity.” He has advocated measures ranging from a promotion plan for lecturers to renovation of McAllister Building.

“Leading-edge research at nature’s frontiers and a high-quality education in fundamental scientific principles provide a powerful combination for attracting the best and brightest students,” a nominator said. “By fostering the conditions necessary for such academic excellence to flourish, Dan’s forward-looking leadership of the past 13 years has helped construct a cornerstone of foundational excellence for Penn State.”

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