Ian Elliott joins Justice Center for Research as research scholar

May 09, 2012

Ian Elliott, a forensic research psychologist, has been appointed as research scholar in the Penn State Justice Center for Research, a cooperative venture of the College of the Liberal Arts and Outreach’s Justice and Safety Institute.

“Ian has exceptional experience in sex offender research and with applied projects in an agency setting,” said Doris MacKenzie, Justice Center Director. “His expertise will be invaluable as the Justice Center for Research continues to promote, fund, and engage in criminal justice research that allows for informed debate on issues important to local, state, national, and international policymakers.”

Ian comes to the Justice Center from the Lucy Faithfull Foundation (LFF), a U.K.-based child protection organization specializing in providing assessment and interventions for sex offenders. Ian assisted in the development of sex offender interventions and management techniques alongside other criminal justice agencies and the commercial sector. Past projects have involved collaborations with Surrey Police, the U.K. National Offender Management Service, and Circles UK, an organization that oversees the provision of the U.K.’s Circles of Support and Accountability programs for high-risk sex offenders. Ian also was involved in the development of a pilot project identifying and combining the common elements of evidence-based treatments for child maltreatment.

Ian received his doctorate from the Center for Forensic and Criminological Psychology at the University of Birmingham, U.K. His dissertation focused on the psychological characteristics of online sex offenders. He has published a number of reviews, research papers, book chapters, and practical reports on sex offender assessment and behavior for adult male, adult female, and online perpetrators, and has been invited to speak at both national and international conferences on these topics. Ian remains an associate member of the National Research Committee for the U.K. National Organization for the Treatment of Abusers (NOTA), whose mission is to encourage sex offender research within the clinical community and to allocate funding to facilitate this research.

Ian can be reached in his office at 329 Pond Building, at 814-867-3295 or iae1@psu.edu.

Penn State’s Justice Center for Research is dually located at 327 Pond Building on the University Park campus and The 329 Building at Innovation Park. For more information about the Center, visit http://www.justicecenter.psu.edu/.

Last Updated May 09, 2012