Insects are focus of kids' camp

May 30, 2012

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -- Young bug enthusiasts will have the chance to learn more about insects through Bug Camp for Kids, hosted by members of Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences.

Bug Camp for Kids will be held from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on June 25-28, in the Agricultural Sciences and Industries Building on the University Park campus. Faculty, staff and graduate students from the Department of Entomology will give children, ages 8-11, the chance to learn about a broad range of biological, ecological and environmental topics.

Amber Brunskill, education specialist for the Pennsylvania Integrated Pest Management Program and coordinator of the camp, said Bug Camp for Kids gives campers a unique chance to learn about the influence of insects on humans and the environment.

"The world of insects is a fascinating one, and insects impact our lives every day," Brunskill said. "Bug Camp goes far beyond the traditional classroom experience by stepping outside and getting up close and personal with the insects that surround us."

Some of the topics covered during the Bug Camp for Kids are habitats, types of insects, insect growth and insect control. Campers also will be led on daily field trips to locations such as Sunset Park and Laurel Haven. Brunskill said that during these trips, campers enjoy hands-on activities, such as collecting insects each day.

"We never know what species we're going to find that day, so it's exciting for everyone involved," she said. "As insects are collected and pinned in the collections boxes, there is a lot of enthusiasm, conversation and exchange of knowledge between the campers and the Bug Camp staff."

Other activities include playing insect-related games and making crafts. On the final day of camp, the campers' families are invited to an open house where they can learn about their campers' bug collections and hear about their favorite moments of the week.

Registration is $275 and includes bus travel, instruction and materials such as an insect net, collection kit and identification book. Enrollment is limited to 20 campers. Scholarships may be available through the Department of Entomology, with applications available upon request.

To register and find out more about scholarships, visit online. The registration deadline is June 10.


  • A participant of a recent Bug Camp for Kids poses with a giant millipede.

    IMAGE: Penn State

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