Frequently asked questions about the 'Progress' website

June 04, 2012


Q1: Why did you change from Openness to Progress?
Openness was the first iteration of the University’s official online response and communications channel designed to address the difficult issues from last year and ongoing legal matters. As the University continues to make progress on the initiatives it created and put into action in the last several months, shifting to “Progress” is a natural evolution that allows us to build on the initial concept that the “Openness” website conveyed with new focused content, functionality and technology.

Q2: Why are you keeping the old website?
In the spirit of full transparency and to enable those comfortable with the previous layout of the “Openness” website, we decided it best to maintain access to the archived content and material. Over time, we may decide to fully merge all of the material into Progress and remove the old “Openness” website, but our plan is to keep it live in an archived format for the immediate future.

Q3: Does this mean you are abandoning the openness concept and no longer being fully transparent as you promised?
We see this as a continuation of our pledge for openness and for providing more and better information to the Penn State community and beyond. It's an ongoing process and we will continue to evolve the way we communicate online and through other communications channels.

Q4: Will you continue to post documents, salaries, contracts, and other materials that you posted on the Openness website?
The “Progress” website includes a Resource Library and a section for feature stories and updates. As needed, we will continue to post topic-relevant materials to this website that may be helpful and appropriate to share with the Penn State community. It is important to note that this will remain a priority unless it is off topic or barred by law, contract or privacy rights.

Q5: Are you losing anything with this new website?
By archiving the old “Openness” website we are ensuring that nothing is permanently deleted and it remains available online.

Q6: If you’ve incorporated more modern technology and functionality, why don’t you allow reader comments?
Due to the sensitive nature of the topics covered on the “Progress” website, we believe the new format is most appropriate without public reader commenting enabled. We continue to encourage you to provide feedback in a variety of different channels, both online and offline, including the “Contact Us” feature on the homepage. The University will try its best to respond to all topic-relevant questions and post them on this website unless it is off topic or barred by law, contract, or privacy rights.

Q7: How often will you update the website?
The University may update this website as often as needed, but it will likely depend on new developments associated to legal matters and related to the ensuing initiatives put into place in the last year.

Q8: Who is maintaining the website?
The University maintains this website through a committee of various representatives, including the University’s public information officers, the Office of University Relations, University Outreach, the Office of the President, the Board of Trustees and the communications partners we are working with at Edelman and La Torre Communications

Q9: How much did this website cost and who is paying for it?
The costs associated with the website design, programming and maintenance are expected to be reimbursed under the University’s insurance policies. These costs will not be funded by student tuition, taxpayer funds or donations.

Last Updated April 02, 2019