University security personnel to take part in Clery Act training

June 14, 2012

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -- Through a partnership with the nonprofit Clery Center for Security on Campus (CCSOC), Penn State safety and security personnel, as well as others, will participate in state-of-the-art Clery Act compliance training on June 20 and 21 on the University Park campus. Enacted in 1990, the Clery Act is a federal law that requires colleges and universities in the United States to maintain precise records and openly report criminal activity on campus. Each year, the Clery Center trains hundreds of school officials and administrators to comply with the letter of the law and embrace the spirit of safety it is intended to support.

"More than ever, Penn State is committed to complying with the provisions of the Clery Act," said Steve Shelow, assistant vice president for Police and Public Safety at the University. "This partnership with the Clery Center represents an even stronger commitment. We are among the first universities to collaborate with CCSOC in this fashion, and we are eager to show other colleges and universities the benefits of such a partnership."

The training program is focused on those most responsible for safety and security on Penn State's campuses, who will then become administrators of the program and continue training others within the University community on how to report and classify crimes, maintain a timely warning system, raise awareness and safety measures, and provide victim support and enhanced security programs, among other things.

Allison Kiss, CCSOC's executive director, has worked with the University to create a specialized program to train 55 administrators from across Penn State's 24 campuses, designed to enhance compliance University-wide. The trained employees will provide ongoing education at their respective campuses throughout the year.

"We encourage institutions to adopt a holistic approach toward creating and maintaining a safe campus environment," Kiss said. "Our work with the school's compliance coordinator, Gabriel Gates, demonstrates Penn State is working proactively toward that goal."

Penn State has consistently taken a number of additional steps to increase safety and security on its campuses, beginning in June 2011 with the restructuring of University Police and Public Safety and the elevation of Shelow from director of University Police at University Park, to a new role as assistant vice president for Police and Public Safety university wide. In addition, Penn State hired Gates to develop, implement and oversee programs that ensure the institution's overall compliance with the Clery Act and associated regulations. Penn State also is currently searching for a University-wide compliance director, who will carry the responsibility to coordinate and oversee the vast array of compliance issues throughout the University, including Clery Act compliance, research regulations, athletics, business and finance and other areas that bring with them compliance issues.

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