Use of ANGEL course management system extended at Penn State

August 02, 2012

Following review and piloting of several learning management systems, Penn State’s e-Learning Strategic Committee has announced that the University will continue to use the University's current course management system, known as ANGEL.

When the e-Learning Strategic Committee began its review process in fall 2009, Penn State did not have the option of continuing vendor support of ANGEL because the product’s parent company, Blackboard, planned to discontinue its support. However, Blackboard reversed its decision in March 2012 and indicated it would continue to support ANGEL. When the option of retaining ANGEL again became available, the committee reevaluated the product options and found it in the best interest of the Penn State community to continue support for ANGEL.

Penn State will benefit in several ways from this decision. Extending support for ANGEL is the most cost-effective solution among the options evaluated, and this course of action will be the least disruptive for students and faculty. Penn State is committed to investing in ANGEL from a user perspective, so that Information Technology Services can work to reduce daily maintenance needs, address accessibility concerns, and investigate Blackboard’s mobile learning capabilities. Penn State will receive ongoing support from Blackboard.

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