Higgins, associate professor of English, interviewed on

August 21, 2012

MaryEllen Higgins, associate professor of English at Penn State Greater Allegheny was recently interviewed about her forthcoming book, "Hollywood’s Africa after 1994," on the radio station WBEZ in Chicago.

Milos Stehlik, host of the series “World View,” discussed the myth of Africa as portrayed by Hollywood in the post-apartheid era, and conducted the interview with Higgins, in cooperation with WQEDs studio in Pittsburgh.
Higgins’s book investigates Hollywood’s colonial film legacy in the post-apartheid era and contemplates what’s changed in how the West represents Africa. The book is slated for release in November 2012.
The interview can be heard on the WBEZ radio website. 

Higgins is the coauthor of "The Historical Dictionary of French Cinema." Her publications include articles and book chapters in "Research in African Literatures," "Tulsa Studies in Women’s Literature," "African Literature Today, Journal of Commonwealth Literature," "Perspectives on African Literatures at the Millennium," and "Broadening the Horizon: Critical Introductions to Amma Darko."

  • MaryEllen Higgins, associate professor of English, announces release of new book, 'Hollywood’s Africa after 1994.'

    IMAGE: Penn State

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