Still Life: Penn State Blue Band auditions

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -- The Penn State Marching Blue Band held auditions for new students on Aug. 21 and 22 at the Blue Band Building on the University Park campus. The two-day event included individual music auditions along with informational meetings and marching sessions. Richard Bundy, director of the Penn State Blue Band, along with drum major Ian Kenney, led the marching demonstrations and exercises on the band's practice field, adjacent to the Blue Band Building. Along with auditions for musicians, the Penn State Silks and the Touch of Blue majorettes also held tryouts for new candidates.

More than 100 hopeful musicians left their instruments on the sideline as they began the morning session learning the basics of marching with the Blue Band. Veteran band members paced the lines inspecting the candidates and providing instruction to the group that was led by drum major and Penn State senior Ian Kenney. Following a few hours of stationary marching, about-face drilling and forward marching the Blue Band way, the candidates were asked to retrieve their instruments. Bundy, surveying the auditions from his perch high above the field, reminded the candidates, "We are a marching band, the Penn State Marching Blue Band, we've worked on the marching part and now we will include the all-important band part."

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Last Updated August 23, 2012