Old-world professor draws on modern library to inspire students

Penn State's Evan Pugh Professor, Robert D. Hume, has the ninth largest research library in North America at his fingertips -- and he isn’t afraid to boast about it. The University Libraries’ renowned collections are made up of more than 5.3 million books, 125,000 e-books, 99,000 serials, and 565 databases -- totaling acres upon acres of books.

Each day, Hume relies on University Libraries’ vast collections of digital and print resources to teach and motivate his students. And in a period of technological transition, Penn State’s libraries are focused on providing increased access to innovative digital assets in order to stay competitive.

“Technology has changed both our research and teaching in radical ways,” Hume said. “It’s about a great deal more than books and journals today -- it’s about electronic data -- and the equipment and resources institutions need to manage these tools, and the explosion of knowledge available to us because of them.”

These efforts will ensure that the library remains at the heart of our University, Hume observed. “As I often say to my graduate students, you won’t fully appreciate Penn State until you see your next library.” Read the full story at http://it-stre.am/PoD1r8. To subscribe to Stream go to: http://it.psu.edu/subscribe/ online.

Last Updated September 25, 2012