Where forensic science and justice system meet, topic of free lecture

September 07, 2012

A free public lecture about the connection between forensic science and the justice system, "The Interesting Union of Forensic Science and the Justice System: A Case in Point," will be given on Monday, Sept. 17, at 12:20 p.m. in 112 Borland Building on the Penn State University Park campus. Cecelia Crouse, a crime lab director at the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office, will present the lecture, which is the first of three presentations on forensic science and its use as a law-enforcement tool in Penn State's 2012 Forensic Science Lecture Series.

As the crime lab director of the forensic-science division of the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office, Crouse is responsible for the toxicology, drug chemistry, firearms, quality assurance, and forensic-biology units. She also is responsible for research, development, and implementation of DNA-typing technologies. She is a member of the American Academy of Forensic Science, the International Society for Forensic Genetics, the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors, and the Florida Association of Crime Laboratory Directors. In addition, she has the distinction of being certified as a Fellow in Molecular Biology by the American Board of Criminologists. Crouse has published papers in the Journal of Forensic Sciences, Forensic Science International, and numerous other professional publications.

Crouse received a bachelor's degree in natural science from Michigan State University in 1976. She received a doctoral degree in microbiology and immunology in 1987 from the University of Miami.

The Penn State 2012 Forensic Science Lecture Series is sponsored by the Penn State Eberly College of Science. For more information, contact the Forensic Science Program at 814-863-6758 or email kml142@psu.edu.

  • Cecilia Crouse will be presenting a free public lecture about forensic science and the justice system on Sept. 17.

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