Libraries loan watt meters to measure electricity use

October 15, 2012

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -- Individuals can now check out a watt meter from the University Libraries to use at home or office to determine how much electricity an electronic device uses. The electricity used by everyday objects can be surprising. For example, using a small space heater for an eight-hour workday uses the same amount of electricity as leaving a small flat screen television on for three straight days -- about 9 kilowatt hours. Even when electronics and appliances aren't in use, many still draw electricity just from being plugged in. A watt meter measures exactly how much electricity an appliance uses, when it is in use, versus not in use. It is a valuable tool in identifying opportunities for electricity savings through reducing the time appliances are used as well as unplugging appliances and electronics altogether.

This new service is part of the University's green initiative to help consumers become more energy smart. By knowing consumption patterns, individuals can reduce their electric footprint and save money.

Watt meter availability is listed in the CAT, the Libraries online catalog, at Locations with watt meters include, the Earth and Mineral Sciences Library, 105 Deike Library; the Life Sciences Library, 401 Paterno Library; and the Music and Media Center, 211 Pattee Library.

For questions, call the Earth and Mineral Science Library at 814-865-9517.

For more information on the initiative, go to



Last Updated October 23, 2012