International Judicial Academy appoints Rogers to board of directors

The International Judicial Academy (IJA), a nonprofit organization which provides education programs for judges, court administrators, ministry of justice officials, and other legal professionals from countries around the world, recently appointed Professor Catherine Rogers to its board of directors.

"The objectives of the Academy in providing instruction on how judges and court personnel function in a modern, fair, efficient, accessible and transparent court system are very much in alignment with my scholarship and teaching interests,” said Rogers.

Earlier this year Rogers traveled with a group of U.S. federal judges to China which included a visit to the Supreme People’s Court. She is also working with IJA on training for Middle East and Palestinian judges. In addition, a reprint of her article on the Jerusalem Arbitration Center appeared in the summer issue of the "International Judicial Monitor" which is published by the IJA in conjunction with the American Society of International Law.

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Last Updated July 22, 2015