...And Stay Out!

David Pacchioli
March 14, 2012
close-up of plums growing on tree

Pennsylvania’s fruit orchards remain free of the Plum Pox virus. That’s the good news relayed by State Agriculture Secretary George Greig, reporting on the results of a survey conducted last summer in Adams, Cumberland, Franklin and York counties.

Plum Pox, which severely affects the production of peach, plum, cherry and other stone fruit trees, was first observed in Adams County peach trees in 1999. State and federal officials, working closely with Penn State researchers and extension specialists, immediately began an aggressive multi-year eradication campaign.

After three years of negative test results, the state was declared Plum Pox-free in October 2009. Last summer’s survey is part of required monitoring during the recovery phase, which will continue into 2013. While no primary quarantine areas remain statewide, Greig’s office reports, limited areas in Adams and Cumberland counties are under nursery quarantine restrictions for another year.

Here’s the full text of the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture’s press release. (PDF format)

And here’s a more complete account of the successful war on Plum Pox.

Last Updated March 14, 2012