In search of Africa's superplume

Interview by Melissa Beattie-Moss, multimedia by Emily Wiley
August 27, 2007

Geoscience graduate students Aubreya Adams and Angela "Mouse" Larson are in Uganda and Tanzania this month to install seismic stations for Penn State's AfricaArray initiative. They recently spoke by phone with Research Penn State associate editor Melissa Beattie-Moss and told us how their missions are going.

Larson, working in Tanzania, describes the ups and downs of her installation mission to date, including tracking a non-existent village; the balance between access and security; and speaking Swahili with the local people.

Adams, in Uganda, explains the components of a seismic station; the challenges of installation; and her encounters with African wildlife.

Listen to their updates from the field in the accompanying audio files.

Last Updated August 27, 2007