South Pole Diary

Cynthia Berger
March 13, 2006

Penn State physicist Doug Cowen was at the South Pole this past Christmas to help construct the "Ice Cube" telescope. This is a device for detecting neutrinos (high energy particles from outer space).

While he was at the Amundsen-Scott Station, which is located at the geographic South Pole, Cowen kept an audio diary that documents what it's like to live and work in this extreme environment.

Listen to excerpts of Doug Cowen's audio diary from the South Pole, produced by Cynthia Berger.

Douglas Cowen, Ph.D., is associate professor of physics and astronomy & astrophysics. He can be reached at Cynthia Berger is producer of news and features for WPSU-FM. She can be reached at

Last Updated March 13, 2006