April 23, 2002

History through the Negatives

mosaic composed of photographic negatives
Jeff Shaeffer

"I went to the student march in the spring of 2001 and began to take pictures, learning photography as I went along," says Robin Hoecker (African-American Studies), who created a photomosaic of black student protests at Penn State. The pattern of overexposed and underexposed photographs create the face of Paul Robeson. "Standing alone in the darkroom," Hoecker recalled, "I would patiently wait for the images to emerge upon my film. What I saw was historical: the crying and laughing, the anger and fear. You can almost hear and feel these emotions if you look closely at the tiny photographs of the mosiac."

Tolerate This

Has your education affected your level of tolerance? Laura Tach (sociology) says it has. Tach measured individuals' racial tolerance and the amount of civil liberties, economic development, and per capita GDP in 38 countries. She found that as the level of education increased, so did racial and ethnic tolerance. As age increased, however, tolerance decreased.

Christine Bowen

world map showing relationship of education and racial tolerance.
Heather Barclay
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