Catching Up with Marie Hardin

Erin Dugan, Research Unplugged Intern
March 30, 2010

How did you first become interested in sports journalism?

I've always been active in sports and interested in the way sports are covered. Before I began teaching full-time, I was a journalist. Moving into teaching allowed me the time to study the dynamics and impact of sports journalism.

What would you say are the strengths of the Penn State sports journalism program (including the Curley Center)?

The Curley Center for Sports Journalism gives undergraduates a great opportunity to use their communications training (in journalism, advertising or public relations) and focus on sports. Students take a series of courses, complete a work experience or internship, and attend Center-related activities, which allow them to meet well known journalists such as Buzz Bissinger, John Feinstein and Bob Costas, who have all been to campus.

Where do you see the field of sports journalism 10 years from now? How might technology change the way sports are covered/watched?

Sports journalism continues to reside at the "cutting edge" in terms of its use of technology to connect with fans (a recent example is ESPN's recent announcement that it will launch a 3-D network). But the improvements in fan engagement with sports events and with athletes means that the practice of sports journalism will continue to evolve—with traditional understandings of what it means to be a "sports journalist" likely looking quite different in the next decade. "Sports journalist" will be interpreted much more broadly, I think, than it is today.

When you're not working, how do you spend your free time?

I enjoy running (I like to do a marathon or two a year), reading good books and magazines, and traveling with my husband.

What is your favorite sport to play?

I love outdoor sports (cycling, swimming, hiking) but spend most time running.

What is your favorite professional sports team?

I don't consider myself a fan of any single professional team, as much as I follow sports in general. Maybe it's a result of the move of the Houston Oilers, my favorite team as a child, to Tennessee. It broke my heart—and I can still sing the lyrics to "Love ya, Blue."

What are some of the sports you enjoy following?

I enjoy following track and field, professional cycling, and tennis, among other sports.


woman in blue t-shirt smiling

Marie Hardin

Title: Associate Professor Associate Director, John Curley Center for Sports Journalism Action Associate Dean for Administration

Primary focus: Sports, Media, and Society

Published Work in: Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly, Sociology of Sport Journal, Sex Roles, Newspaper Research Journal, Mass Communication & Society, Journalism, Journal of Sports Management and The Howard Journal of Communications

Awards: George Atherton Award for Excellence in Teaching

You can contact Marie Hardin here:
Phone: 814-865-1395

Last Updated March 30, 2010