Catching up with Robert Shaler

Molly Levine, Research Unplugged intern
April 06, 2009

How did you first become interested in your specialty?

I saw a newspaper ad in the Pittsburgh Press offering scientific sleuthing courses.

What is the most exciting or fascinating part of your job?

Molding young minds to think creatively about how to apply science to the solution of crimes.

What is your favorite aspect of working at Penn State?

Working with and guiding young people into their chosen career and having a vast technological resource at Penn State with which to work.

Where do you see your field 10 years from now?

More educational institutions offering forensic science programs, more innovative technology to solve crimes, science at the crime scene via distance observation, more distance learning opportunities, increased federal funding for research, and better students entering the forensic field.


Last Updated April 06, 2009