Crime Scene Investigators: Weigh the Evidence

Molly Levine, Research Unplugged intern
April 13, 2009
professor points at powerpoint with quote on left

Robert Shaler engaged a packed house in a conversation titled "Crime Scene Investigators: Weigh the Evidence" at Research Unplugged's fourth event of the spring season on April 8.

Shaler, the director of Penn State's forensic science program, walked attendees through two mock crime scenes. He called on members of the audience to use their reasoning skills to help solve the crimes, and explained the typical steps of an investigation. Shaler especially emphasized the importance of photography and sketching in conducting a thorough investigation.

Twenty-five local middle schoolers and their teachers were in attendance. The students, many of whom have watched crime dramas on television ("You've been watching too much CSI," wisecracked Shaler), contributed to the conversation by proposing their own clever hypotheses. Adult members of the audience also joined the discussion, asking numerous questions related to the details of typical crime scene investigations and the history of forensics.

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