Secrets Beneath the Ice: Studying Antarctica's Glaciers

Molly Levine, Research Unplugged intern
April 06, 2009
man in pink shirt points at photo on wall

All this area used to have ice in it, and all that ice has melted. Where has it gone? It’s gone into the ocean and has resulted in sea levels rising. -Sridhar Anandakrishnan, associate professor in Geosciences and the EMS Earth and Environmental Sciences Institute

In a Research Unplugged talk titled "Secrets Beneath the Ice" on April 1, Penn State associate professor of geosciences Sridhar Anandakrishnan gave an overview of his recent work studying the continent of Antarctica and the glaciers that cover most of it. Anandakrishnan explained the cause-and-effects links between global warming, glaciers melting, and a rise in sea level, emphasizing the importance of studying glaciers and ice sheets as a way of understanding climate change. He underscored his points with images of Penn State's Ice and Climate Exploration's research projects in Antarctica, which involve seismic and radar experiments to learn more about the soil underneath the ice sheets. He also described the facilities in Antarctica where he conducts his research. The audience was active in the discussion, asking many intriguing and intelligent questions, especially related to global warming and what can be done to prevent damage to the Earth.

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