Other Voices

Other Voices

  • 2/28/13

    The scenario: The electrical grid has shut down due to a solar event. How do you handle it? IST students are figuring out how to survive.

  • 2/24/13

    It wasn't something that they could put into words immediately following their Big Ten championship clinching win over Michigan, but there were a lot of smiles on the faces of the Lady Lions when asked about their accomplishments inside the Bryce Jordan Center this season.

  • 2/22/13

    A contributor to Lens, The New York Times photography blog, writes, "as you immerse yourself in [THON], you begin to realize what is going on: these youngsters are being broken down slowly — and then are being brought back up emotionally, so it is like an incredible bond with everyone on the floor. That’s when you start to understand it."

  • 2/20/13

    Smeal College of Business Professor Charles Snow and colleagues say new organizational schemes will help businesses promote collaboration and innovation.

  • 2/18/13

    At this year's AAAS meeting in Boston, a research writer learned, "Penn State should be proud of the work its research is doing because the rest of the academic world sure is. "

  • 2/14/13

    Writing for ESPN.com, Andrew Nelson of Hershey, Pa., a highly touted high school football student-athlete, shares why he signed in February to attend and play football for Penn State. "First is the education," he says.

  • 2/14/13

    You may know the legend of King Arthur, but chances are you do not know the story of Sir Millard, the evils he faced or the battles he won, even though every year, the new-age knights he has inspired take up his quest to battle pediatric cancer.

  • 2/10/13

    Penn State student Michael Joseph Mattia, studying abroad in Russia, blogs about St. Petersburg's mix of present-day Russia, the Soviet years and imperial Russia, all viewed in a day's time at popular and well-known sites.

  • 2/8/13

    After a 10-day trip to the Super Bowl, working as media relations volunteers for the NFL, Penn State seniors  Rob Roselli and Melissa Schiller share 10 things they will always remember from their trip.

  • 1/28/13

    Several student organizations on campus organized a “Sustainability Summit” that took place in Heritage Hall at the HUB-Robeson Center on Friday.