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Monday, November 9, 2020


The Nittany Lion using a laptop while wearing a mask.

University urges COVID-19 testing for students prior to returning home

In preparation for the departure from campuses after in-person instruction ends on Nov. 20, Penn State has announced an aggressive fall departure plan offering all students COVID-19 testing, at no cost to students. Penn State is partnering with Vault Health for departure testing, which will be conducted either in person at predetermined testing sites on certain campuses or via self-administered test kits. Students can now book their appointment to receive an administered test or to pick up a self-test by using the Return Home Event on the Penn State Go App or by visiting  Full story

SLF egg masses

Penn State experts address what should be done with lanternfly egg masses

In the world of the spotted lanternfly, autumn cues egg-laying season, which leads homeowners perturbed by the pest to ponder, “What should I do about egg masses?” The answer, in short, is to “scrape, smash and squash.” But new research also suggests that several oil-based insecticides can be effective in destroying egg masses when applied in the weeks before egg hatch.  Full story