2/19: Hey, students!; Looking for aliens looking for us; Launching local businesses

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News for the Penn State community

News for the Penn State community

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

There's still time to take the Penn State Community Survey. We want to hear what you think about diversity, equity and inclusion. By responding to the confidential survey, you have a chance to win an Amazon or Starbucks gift card.

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planet in front of star

Looking for aliens who might be looking for us

Mankind has been sending signals into space looking for aliens for decades. Now one graduate student has conceived a method to look for technological signatures of extraterrestrial civilizations that might be looking for us.  Full story





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Sick individuals urged not to attend THON

University Health Services strongly recommends that any individual displaying symptoms of the flu not attend THON, as children and other individuals with compromised immune symptoms will be present at the event.   Full story