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College of Agricultural Sciences edition

Monday, March 16, 2020


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Penn State Extension adapts, remains a resource during coronavirus pandemic

The novel coronavirus and the disease it causes, known as COVID-19, has disrupted the operations of businesses, governments and other organizations across the country, including Penn State. But Penn State Extension, the educational outreach arm of the College of Agricultural Sciences, will continue to fulfill its mission during this unprecedented time, according to its statewide director, Brent Hales.  Full story

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Listening to your gut: A powerful new tool on the microbiome and cell metabolism

Many aspects of our lives — not only the presence or absence of certain diseases, but conditions like obesity, sleep patterns, even mood — may be determined, to a surprising extent, by the microbes living inside of us. Patterson, Tombros Early Career Professor and professor of molecular toxicology at Penn State, is using one of the newer and more promising of these technologies, called metabolomics, to learn about the microbiome of the human gut.  Full story

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Alumni hope 4-H gift opens doors and inspires others

For Penn State alumni and lifelong friends MeeCee Baker, a 1982 agricultural education graduate, and Jeff Conrad, a 1983 graduate in agricultural business management, 4-H played a pivotal role in their lives. With the goal of opening doors for young people in the county where they grew up and inspiring others to support 4-H in their own communities, Baker and Conrad made a gift covering the membership fees for all youth who wanted to participate in 4-H in Juniata County this year.  Full story