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College of Agricultural Sciences edition

Monday, October 5, 2020


Gender Fellows present

Gender Fellows support research on gender differences in agriculture

A Gender Fellows Cohort, which began last fall under the auspices of the College of Agricultural Sciences' Gender Equity through Agricultural Research and Education initiative, examines gender equity in rural sociology, soil science, plant science and entomology as part of the International Agriculture and Development dual-title graduate degree program.   Full story

Soldier tells his little girl goodbye

Family Symposium to focus on parent-child separations

What do incarceration, migration or deportation, and military deployment have in common? All are likely to separate a child from their parent, which has implications on a child’s well-being. Penn State’s 28th Annual Symposium on Family Issues will focus on these specific circumstances of parent-child separation and the effects on families. The virtual symposium, “Causes and Consequences of Parent-Child Separations: Pathways to Resilience,” will take place Oct. 26 - Oct. 27.  Full story