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News for the Penn State community

Friday, May 31, 2019

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Twitter news

Can trust in social media news be improved?

More than two-thirds of Americans get their news from social media sites, according to a 2018 Pew Research Center study. But more than half who read news on social media expect it to be inaccurate. Penn State researchers are working to improve the prediction of people’s trust in what they read online. In a new project, they’ll advance state-of-the-art machine learning methods to model the psychological phenomenon known as memory illusion.  Full story


How do people make decisions

Exploring the science of decision-making

Researchers found that when study participants faced complex choices, they often showed a burst of exploration before settling into preferred options of higher value. This strategy may be one way that people can conserve their cognitive resources and solve problems that exceed their working memory capacity.  Full story

deer keds

New records show spread of parasitic deer flies across the U.S.

With flattened bodies, grabbing forelegs and deciduous wings, deer keds do not look like your typical fly. These parasites of deer — which occasionally bite humans — are more widely distributed across the U.S. than previously thought, according to Penn State entomologists, who caution that deer keds may transmit disease-causing bacteria.  Full story

Mark Klima leading a tour of laboratory used to process coal byproducts

Penn State launches Center for Critical Minerals

The new Center for Critical Minerals will leverage Penn State’s existing faculty, facilities and research strengths in an effort to make the University the go-to resource for critical minerals research and technical support for industry.  Full story


Anjelyque Easley demonstrating a project to summer camp students

Landscape architecture student named National Olmsted Scholar

Penn State landscape architecture student Anjelyque Easley has been selected as the undergraduate 2019 Landscape Architecture Foundation National Olmsted Scholar. She is the first Penn State student to receive the recognition, which is considered the highest honor for students in landscape architecture.  Full story

Disney Trip 2019

Walt Disney World student-engagement trip offers 'magical' experience

Nineteen students from various majors, including architecture, landscape architecture, graphic design, theater, engineering, risk management, communications and information sciences and technology, attended workshops created with the goal of analyzing leadership, design and production within the Walt Disney theme parks.  Full story

Six named 2019-20 Big Ten Academic Alliance Academic Leadership Program Fellows

The Big Ten Academic Alliance's Academic Leadership Program will include six new Fellows from Penn State in 2019-20. The program focuses on addressing the challenges of academic administration at major research universities. Through the program, participants who have demonstrated exceptional ability and administrative promise can further develop their leadership and managerial skills.  Full story

Big Ten Academic Alliance Department Executive Officer Fellows named for 2019-20

The Big Ten Academic Alliance’s Department Executive Officers Program has gained five additional Fellows from the Penn State ranks. Through the program, participants who have demonstrated exceptional ability through University administrative assignments or other significant positions in public, private or professional organizations, are aided in further developing their leadership and managerial skills.  Full story





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