William Bachman

Bill Bachman
(570) 675-9269

William Bachman has taught a wide variety of communications course offerings at Penn State Wilkes-Barre over 30 years including: basic public speaking, mass media and society, propaganda and persuasion and corporate communications.

M.A., New York Institue of Technology, Communication Arts, 1982
B.F.A., New York Institue of Technology, Communication Arts, 1969
Research Interests: 
Historic events & their communications implications
Communications in contemporary society & settings
Effects of solar flares on human mass communications systems and the probability of major communications disruptions in the event of X-class solar flares
Frances Slocum: Child of Two Americas (visual & auditory documentary)
The Lattimer Massacre: A Radio Play (auditory documentary)
The Battle of Wyoming (visual & auditory documentary)