Peter Dendle

Peter Dendle

Peter Dendle is a professor of English at Penn State Mont Alto. He specializes in Old and Middle English language and literature; folklore and culture; 20th and 21st century representations of the Middle Ages; and the monstrous in film, folklore, and society. Although his primary work is on the Early Middle Ages (Anglo-Saxon England), he also has published on zombie movies, cryptozoology, and other culturally important texts from the contemporary world.

B.A., University of Kentucky, English and Philosophy, 1990
M.A., Yale University, English, 1991
M.A., University of Kentucky, Philosophy, 1993
Ph.D., University of Toronto, English, 1998
Research Interests: 
Religious, folkloric, and literary representations of the demonic, as a lens through which societal ideals and anxieties can be viewed