James Freihaut

James Freihaut
PROFESSOR, Architectural Engineering
(814) 863-0083

James Freihaut is a professor of architectural engineering. He is a recognized expert in energy-efficient building design. His current research focuses on building systems related energy and indoor air quality. He developed an indoor aerosol laboratory research facility focusing on the aerosolization and resuspension of protein allergen carrier particles and has produced a unique set of air suspendible, allergen carrier particles from natural materials.

B.A., Christian Brothers College, Philosophy/Chemistry, 1966
M.S., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Natural Science/Physical Chemistry, 1972
Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University, Fuel Science, 1988
Research Interests: 
Indoor air quality and building science, enclosed space air quality issues, system constraints on air treatment/filtration solutions