'Unconscious Bias' workshop

If you are human and have a brain, you have biases. The same thinking functions that help us make sense of the world and stay safe can also have unintended negative consequences. Biases can lead to decisions and behaviors that hurt others, create a lack of engagement, and limit productivity in the workplace. Understanding the roots of bias, where it comes from, and how it shows up is the first step to managing it and limiting its impact.

Using an interactive, engaging online format, this workshop offered by Penn State Great Valley Office of Professional Development Programs covers the foundations of understanding and managing bias, with particular focus on its impact in the workplace:

  • Getting the words right – diversity, bias, and other terms that cause confusion
  • The role of perception
  • The science of our biased brains
  • How bias shows up in everyday actions and interactions: intent and impact
  • What to say when (and what not to say)
  • Preventing biased attitudes and behaviors from influencing business decisions
  • Learning to manage your biases

Remote delivery via Zoom

The cost for the workshop is $195. Click here to register.