Get Comfortable with Ambiguity


COVID-19 introduced a new normal. Ambiguity and uncertainty became a constant in people’s daily lives. The pre-pandemic way of working provides us faux comfort, but creativity emerged as the complex system perfectly equipped for times like this.

For leaders and organizations to emerge out of this new normal stronger, and more inspired, they must utilize creativity to enable future-friendly transformation to navigate ambiguous terrain. Join Natalie Nixon, president of Figure 8 Thinking LLC as she explains how practical creativity techniques can shift mindset and stretch thinking for life. Attendees will gain an alternate lens to view the trajectory of their work and gain inspiration to move forward amid uncertainty. Learn how to adapt to entirely new terrain and disrupt your own thinking for more innovative gain.

Also, as a special offer to Penn State students during Penn State Startup Week, check out a free sample chapter of The Creativity Leap here:

Preregistration is not required for this event.