Virtual Summer Book Club


Experience the world from another perspective

Wednesdays, July 29 through Aug. 19

10 to 11:30 a.m.

Grades nine through 12

We invite high schoolers to join Ciletti Memorial Library staff to participate in a virtual book club this summer. Students will read two contemporary classic novels, "The Giver" and "The Book Thief," and meet weekly to discuss what they've read.

"The Giver"

"The Giver" is set in a highly controlled, futuristic society and follows the story of a boy named Jonas. Jonas is selected to be "The Receiver of Memory," distinguishing him from his peers and imparting authority upon him. Soon, Jonas finds himself challenging society's rules and traditions. "The Giver" explores topics including:

  • individuality and freedom of choice,
  • utopia and dystopia, and
  • human emotion and isolation.

"The Book Thief"

"The Book Thief" is a historical fiction novel set in Nazi Germany and follows the story of an orphan named Liesel. Liesel is a young girl who is sent to live with foster parents, Hans and Rosa, after her family is separated. By stealing books, she teaches herself to read and finds comfort in the stories. "The Book Thief" explores:

  • the power of words,
  • human kindness and cruelty, and
  • what it means to dare to be different.

Guided discussion

As readers navigate through the novels, the book club will meet weekly to debrief and discuss what they've read. Library Supervisor Rosanne Chesakis and Circulation Assistant Marcella Cazonie will guide discussions regarding:

  • Is society as it appears?
  • The power of knowledge
  • Daring to be different
  • Humanity and dehumanization
  • Identity and morality


The Summer Book Club is a $25 investment and includes both books. Registration closes on July 22, to ensure that books arrive in time. See the world from someone else's perspective this summer. Register now!