Service trip takes Abington students to South Dakota Indian reservation

ABINGTON, Pa. — Ten Penn State Abington students are spending spring break on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota, one of the poorest locations in the United States, with an average income per person of $4,000. The unemployment rate hovers close to 90 percent, and life expectancy is the lowest in the country.

The Alternative Spring Break students, accompanied by Abington Assistant Director of Student Life Tracy Reed,  are sharing their story on Facebook as they insulate cabins, collect firewood, and pump water by hand. 

service Abington 2017

Pumping water by hand on the Pine Ridge reservation.

Image: Penn State
Abington service alternative spring break

Students cutting rolls of insulation as they work on the interior of a cabin. 

Image: Penn State
Abington service spring break

Asleep after a long work day.

Image: Penn State


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Last Updated March 10, 2017