Blog looks at 50 years of women at Penn State Harrisburg

As part of the campus' 50th Anniversary, a blog is chronicling a history of influential women at Penn State Harrisburg.

Publication of the blog photo series began in July 2016 and will continue until 50 posts that commemorate women at Penn State Harrisburg are completed.  Select posts are also being shared to the campus' Facebook page throughout March Women’s History Month.

The brainchild of Heidi Abbey Moyer, archivist and humanities reference librarian at the Penn State Harrisburg library and Lori Ricard, administrative support coordinator in the School of Science, Engineering, and Technology, the blog, 50 Years of Women @ Penn State Harrisburg, looks at the contributions of 50 women to the success and growth of the college.

With hundreds of photographs to choose from in the archives, Moyer tapped writer and doctoral candidate, Anne Greenawalt, to work on the project during summer 2016 in the college’s Archives and Special Collections. 

Greenawalt completed the research for all of the blog posts using items and photographs from the campus' History Archives and the Penn State Harrisburg website.  While researching and writing for this project, Greenawalt was a candidate in the adult education doctoral program at Penn State Harrisburg.  She also has a master of science in communication studies, a master of arts in creative writing, and a bachelor of arts in creative writing and women’s studies.

Last Updated March 06, 2017