Student Stories: Feeding the future -- alumna finds career in animal nutrition

Since graduating in 2008, Brynn Mauser has held a number of jobs, including positions at the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture and the American Association of Meat Processors, but she found her perfect fit at Hubbard Feeds Inc., where she is currently employed as an account manager.

Working directly with dealers and feed mills, Mauser is responsible for developing diets for cows and also works with dairy farms. She acts as a sales representative who can help customers choose the best feed for their animals.

Growing up around farms and animals in Herndon, Pa., sparked her interest in the agricultural sciences and prompted her to major in animal science at Penn State.

In addition to the technical skills acquired through her classes, clubs such as Block and Bridle provided professional perspective through "hands-on experience with many different species and projects that made the transition into the professional world easy," Mauser said.

Knowing that she was well prepared for the job gave her the confidence she needs to tackle different work situations every day and allows her to enjoy the rewards of her job, such as regularly traveling and learning constantly.

Dairy professionals from across the country attending a recent Hubbard meeting mentioned the dairy calf nutrition research done at Penn State. "It was impressive that the work done at Penn State is so respected by others in the field, and it feels good to have been a part of it," Mauser said.

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Last Updated September 02, 2014