Regular test of PSUAlert system to be conducted July 29 at University Park

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. – Penn State Emergency Management will conduct a University Park-wide test of the PSUAlert emergency notification system on July 29 as part of an annual emergency exercise.

Everyone who receives alerts for the University Park campus will receive the test message by email, and those at University Park who have elected to receive messages by text or voice notification will receive the test by those modes as well. This test will not involve Penn State's other locations across the Commonwealth.

However, regardless of their location, all Penn State students, faculty and staff can add emergency alert contact information and manage their campus subscriptions using the PSUAlert portal, at

In the event of a true emergency, and depending on the situation, emergency notifications also will be distributed on radio and television stations, through various Penn State websites, on-campus fliers, press releases and other means as appropriate.

For more information about how to handle an on-campus emergency, including emergency response plans, visit

Last Updated July 23, 2014