New stadium sound system to be tested

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -- Usually, sustained loud noise can be heard emanating from Beaver Stadium only during a half-dozen or so Saturdays in the fall. That will change briefly when an upgraded sound system being installed with the stadium's new video boards is tested on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, June 11, 12 and 13.

Between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. each of those days, Clair Brothers Audio Systems of Mannheim, Pa., will be broadcasting pink noise from the speakers to initiate the sound system. Pink noise is a mixture of sound waves with an intensity that diminishes proportionally with frequency to yield approximately equal energy per octave. Pink noise often is used to test and equalize loudspeakers.

"This is a critical part of the work for the project," said Marv Bevan Jr., project manager for Penn State. "These tests are necessary to balance the sound system during this setup phase."

Bevan recommends that anyone working inside the stadium seating bowl during this testing time wear ear protection, because the pink noise will be broadcast at a high volume for sustained periods of time.

Just as with gameday, the potential will exist for sound from the stadium system to be heard outside Beaver Stadium and in the surrounding area.

This enhancement to the existing audio system will provide fans with a more balanced and vibrant audio experience in the stadium. One major adjustment with the new system is changing from a large cluster of speakers located across the top of the south scoreboard to a large array of speakers stacked on each side of the south scoreboard. These arrays will be directed to spread sound as evenly as possible across the stadium. The testing is a critical component in achieving this balance.

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Last Updated June 08, 2014