Faculty and Staff News of Record: 25-Year Awards May 29, 2014

Penn State recognizes employees who have completed 25 years of service. For the most recent listing of 25-Year Award recipients, go to http://news.psu.edu/tag/25-year-awards.

-- Mark E. Barnoff, R&D engineer in Applied Research Laboratory
-- Hans Baumgartner, department chair and professor of marketing in Smeal College of Business
-- Galen R. Corl, system/network security analyst in Applied Research Laboratory
-- Todd B. Douty, system administrator in University Libraries
-- Barbara L. Ettaro, director of campus and community affairs in Strategic Communications
-- Lynn A. McCool, business operations assistant 2 in Auxiliary and Business Services
-- Christine M. Onder, financial coordinator 4 in Eberly College of Science
-- Gabrielle D. Pennabaker, administrative support assistant 2 in Auxiliary and Business Services
-- Richard M. Raynak, veterans’ counselor in Office of Veterans Programs
-- Christopher A. Sills, engineer support specialist in Applied Research Laboratory
-- Stacey Spicher, human resources generalist in Smeal College of Business
-- Douglas W. Stanfield, director of internet communications in Strategic Communications
-- Michael Werner, financial coordinator in Smeal College of Business
-- Timothy Williams, financial coordinator 4 in Housing and Food Services

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