Special lighting of the Crescent building recognizes upcoming occasions

HERSHEY, Pa. -- As part of an ongoing effort to reduce energy usage and operate in a more cost efficient and environmentally friendly manner, Penn State Hershey installed an LED lighting system to illuminate its signature Crescent building, replacing the original and less efficient facade lighting. In addition to reducing energy consumption, the upgraded system now enables the organization to illuminate its highly visible “front door” using different color schemes than the standard white lights that have lit the Crescent for the past 40 years. 

This week, the Crescent is lit in blue in honor of National Child Abuse Awareness Month. Next week the Crescent will be lit in burgundy and white to recognize oral, head and neck cancer awareness.

For more information on the lighting of the Crescent, go to pennstatehershey.org/web/guest/home/aboutus/crescent-lighting.

Last Updated April 17, 2014