April 10 workshop available to those interested in Fulbright awards

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -- Any faculty, staff or administrators interested in applying for a Fulbright is invited to attend a workshop at 4 p.m. Thursday, April 10, in the Foster Auditorium, Paterno Library. The workshop will be facilitated by Andy Riess, assistant director for Outreach at the Council for International Exchange of Scholars (CIES).

Fulbright awards include grants for teaching, research or a combination of teaching and research to more than 155 countries. Each year, 1,200 American scholars go abroad as part of the Fulbright Scholar Program. Faculty, staff and administrators are invited to apply. Retired and adjunct faculty frequently receive grants as well.

“Fulbright grants vary from two months to an academic year depending upon the country and the award,” explained Sylvester Osagie, who is organizing the workshop. Language proficiency is needed in some countries but most teaching assignments are in English.

In addition to the traditional Fulbright application process, Reiss’ presentation will cover recent changes to the Fulbright program such as the elimination of life time limits and the introduction of the FLEX program for faculty members that cannot afford six months or a year away from their jobs.

For more information and to register, contact Sylvester Osagie, soo1@psu.edu, 814-867-4276, or Fabiana Spires, fqs2@psu.edu, 814-863-4168, in the University office of Global Programs.

Application deadlines for 2014-15 awards are:

Aug. 1: Fulbright Scholar Program for teaching and research grants worldwide and Distinguished Chair grants

Nov. 1: German Studies Seminar, Seminars in Korea and Japan for academic and international education administrators

Feb. 1: International education administrators program to Germany

Rolling deadline: Fulbright Senior Specialists Program

Last Updated April 04, 2014