Paholsky honored with Kopp Award for undergraduate students

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Jessica Paholsky, a senior majoring in visual journalism in the College of Communications and photography in the College of Arts and Architecture, has been awarded the 2014 W. LaMarr Kopp International Achievement Award for undergraduate students.

The award recognizes undergraduate students who have contributed significantly to the advancement of the international mission of the University. It is named in honor of the late deputy vice president for international programs.

As a Schreyer Honors College freshman, Paholsky told her professors of her intent to become a photographer for the National Geographic Society. Since then, she has photographed laborers in Mexico and an olive harvest in Italy, and this spring traveled to Cuba as part of an international reporting class. “Her roots are in small-town Pennsylvania, but Ms. Paholsky is developing a sophisticated worldview by taking advantage of opportunities to study and report overseas,” one nominator said.

Paholsky said she seeks subjects that “when viewed through the common Western lens, are not seen with widespread acceptance. However, through my photography, I aspire to capture the human nature that is locally and internationally shared but too often overlooked due to some form of cultural bias.”

Another nominator said, “Through her choice of programs, her photographic projects and her independent travel, she immersed herself in ways that brought her far closer to the people and the nuances of the culture than the standard tourist thoroughfares or the more popular study-abroad destinations would have ever permitted.”

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Last Updated March 18, 2014